November 27, 2010

W. Kamau Bell

Date written: 3/02/2010
W. Kamau Bell = Non-white person/So called Black Male
When Mr. Bell was joking about racism (white supremacy) that was tiring. I didn't like how he was joking about racism (white supremacy). I like when I gave my definition of racism (white supremacy), because if non-white people listen to this show, The C.O.W.S. with W. Kamau Bell, then they might feel like my definition is constructive in working against racism (white supremacy). Mr. Bell is in a tragic arrangement with a white person, which I think is confusing him and other victims of racism (white supremacy). To me this is one of the worst shows I've ever done. Some callers came in and shared some comments and a few questions to ask the guest.


  1. Greetings Justice. It's great to see you finally have your blog up and running! You've done such awesome work. You even have panda bears - not sure what they mean. W. Kamau Bell seems very confused. Poor fellow. Hopefully he will he will continue to learn, and become more suspicious of White people - not holding my breath.