January 31, 2011

Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr.

Date Written: 5/14/2010
Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. = Non-white person/So called Black Male
Founder of the White Privilege (Power) Conference

Dr. Moore said, "All white people are racist (white supremacist) and non-white people can't practice racism (white supremacy)." Dr. Moore has a so-called white wife who admits she is a racist (white supremacist). Gus and I would be interested if Dr. Moore would come back on with his so-called white wife. It would be very interesting to hear her views on the system of racism (white supremacy)The C.O.W.S. w/ Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr.


  1. That's a show I'd to see, but I bet his wife would make an excuse to leave before the audience had a chance to ask her any questions.

    It's absurd to make the statement that "All white people are racist" when you are married to a white person. It's like saying you're against killing then marrying a known murderer.

    Now, that is the height of confusion, in my opinion.