February 9, 2011

Matthew Jacobson at University of Washington

Date written: 2/24/2010
University of Washington, Matthew Jacobson = Suspected Racist
What I learned and studied at the event is that the white people were lying about if they were Racist, most of them said NO. I thought they were Racists, because how they were functioning and they were practicing Racism (White Supremacy). Back of the Bus asked a question to Matthew Jacobson, "How do you practice white supremacy?" Matthew Jacobson replied back, "Well I don't know if I practice white supremacy." I thought he was practicing Racism (White Supremacy). He probably said that so the other non-white people can think he's a good guy/white person. He was also treating the host, who was a so-called Asian dude, like he was his dog! This is some of what I learned and studied about Racism (White Supremacy) at this event.

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