May 30, 2011

Racist Song (America)

When I was in 5th Grade I had a white music teacher. When I was in 4th Grade I had a  non-white music teacher, she was much nicer. In 5th Grade my white teacher made me and my classmates sing this song called, "America". I didn't want to sing, but I had to. When I would sing this song (noise) I would think about racism in this song (noise). Also I would ask myself questions: Who is "we" and "us", 'cause I don't want to hear how America feels? What do they (white people) mean when they say America and Riches? How did America (a place on the planet) give me riches? When the song says, "We love you so", I do not love America.

Here are some questions that I would be interested in asking:
1)Do you think this song is noise?
2)How do you think this song is racist?
3)Do you think this song is written by a white person?
4)Can America give you riches, if so, how?
5)Does this song have any constructive value, if so, what?
6)If your white music teacher told you to sing this song, would you of sung it?
America, America
Can we tell you how we feel?
You have given us your riches
We love you so


  1. Sadly, coming from london, i cannot answer all that. I can only say that if the term riches really means stresses, I might be inclined to agree.

  2. 1. the song is not racist you have been brainwashed by your racist parents into seeing racism everywhere so that you can one day survive in the real world by shouting victim every time you fail which you are now doomed to do.

    2. If you hate America so much then leave - its that simple. Go to an African hellhole filled with your black brothers and sisters and no whites where you can commune with them and revel in your mutual blackness you ungrateful little brat.

    3. The song was written by an American you dimwit - what the hell does race have to do with anything? The song is about patriotism (allegiance and pride in your COUNTRY seeing as I highly doubt you would know that by deliberately refusing to be educated the way you are).
    4. America is the land of the free and opportunities for all. Riches are available for anyone who works hard and EARNS it. You on the other hand seem to think that it should be handed to you on a silver platter - newsflash kid - get over yourself and take advantage of free education while you can.

  3. I agree with the previous comment, in a less baneful and brutal way, but I do want you to ask yourself this: Is it not racist to assume all white people are supremacists and privileged? As upset as you are about racism, you commit it by having this hateful and bitter attack on white people, specifically your white music teacher.
    For the record, your love for America should have nothing to do with your views on racism because America is an idea that calls for freedom and equality. Don't judge the idea based off of man's inability to follow it perfectly and instead recognize the strides taken in this beautiful country.
    Lastly, if you're so pissed about racism then do something to fix it, instead of commenting on the racism you force around you. I think that would help the racism you have towards white people, who also could not choose their race.