April 25, 2012

My thoughts on "Easter"

I know you are probably used to the way of how white people taught you about Easter. Eater egg hunt, bunnies, chocolate covered eggs, candy, and the Easter Bunny. It's all the same every year! Don't you ever get tired of it? White people just want you to have tons of fun while there getting all the information from you, online, and everywhere else! You see, this isn't what Easter is actually about. Easter is about white people, racist/white supremacist, sexually mistreating animals, specifically Rabbits and rodents. For example, white people would put a harmless, cute, little Hamster in a bag and close it up for it to suffocate and then put it in their anus. Sometimes, they'll even eat the animal after it's been raped and/or dead. White people do this type of stuff still today. It's called Bestiality. 

Have you ever wondered why white people have eggs relating to Rabbits during Easter? First, Rabbits are mammals not oviparous like Ducks, Chickens, Crows, Robins, or any other thing that lays eggs. Mammals are animals that don't lay eggs, so like Tigers or People. Oviparous are animals that do lay eggs. Rabbits don't lay eggs. I think what white people are trying to do is have certain animals behave unnatural or take care of not their own specie. For example, Rabbits taking care of eggs.
To be honest, I don't like celebrating Easter. I even have two hamsters. If I celebrate Easter, I will be contributing to what white people have done to mistreat people and animals. To me, that would just be terrible. I adore my hamsters very much, so I won't be celebrating Easter. Either way, Easter is a holiday that white people promote, so I won't be celebrating it anyway and I would suggest that you don't celebrate it either!


  1. I'm a few months late, but you do know that originally, Easter had nothing to do with hamsters or bunnies, or eggs. It had to do with a man dying on a cross, and a Resurrection. And really Easter in its truest form only has to do with the Resurrection.

    And P.S. Whities aren't the only one's that get a kick out of bestiality.

    1. Indeed, the people who imitate them also come to revel in it..

    2. Easter is originally pagan. Like 95% of all the holidays we celebrate. Jesus was injected into Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving long after the holidays originated.

      Also, I disagree with the blog post. I believe all holidays true meaning is to bring families and friends together to have fun. The original intent is irrelevant.

  2. Thank You for your writing and co-hosting, I will be adding you to my blogroll.

  3. Pardon me -- hello there -- but do you realize that you are mentally ill? I hope so, and I hope you are receiving treatment for your illness. If not, please seek help at once. Thanks.