R/WS = Racism/White Supremacy
WP = White People or White person
NWP = Non-white person or Non-white people
ASAP = As Soon As Possible
RWSWJ = Replace White Supremacy with Justice

1. White Supremacy/Racism = A global system of people who classify themselves as white and are dedicated to abusing and/or subjugating everyone in the known universe whom they classify as not white

2. White Supremacist/Racist = A white person who directly and/or indirectly, consciously and/or unconsciously who mistreats a person, because he or she is not white

3. Justice = Guaranteeing that no person is mistreated and guaranteeing the person who needs help the most gets the most help

4. Black person = Someone who white people say is black

5. Guaranteeing = Never a time it doesn't happen

6. Constructive = Doing and/or saying something that helps to promote justice, promote meaning: To follow a logical process

7. Mistreat = To directly and/or indirectly cause harm

8. Eliminate = To get rid of

9. Counter = To follow a logical process

10. Produce = To follow a logical Process

11. Media = Any vehicle for communication, vehicle meaning: To transfer from one place to another

12. Practice = A systematic exercise for the purpose of acquiring skill or proficiency, proficiency meaning: The state of being skillful

13. Clarify = To make clear

14. Recommend = Suggest

15. Suggestions = The idea called up, called meaning: Announced

16. Understand = To perceive the meaning of, perceive meaning: Know

17. NWP = A person who is not white and/or a victim of R/WS

18. Experience = The process or fact of personally observing

19. Function = The kind of action or activity proper to a person, thing, or institution

20. Offspring = Children

21. Information = Knowledge gained through study, communication, research, institution, etc.

22. Better = Superior or greater