Racism (white supremacy) and the Food Pyramid

Neely Fuller Jr. once said, “When it comes to racism (white supremacy), many look, but few see. See what? See what they are looking at.”
Where is racism (white supremacy) in the so-called "Food Pyramid"? First of all, in a System of White Supremacy (Racism) white people are in charge of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. They are the ones who produce the so-called “Food Pyramid” which recommends what we all should eat. Well... as you can see above white people recommend you should eat: Fats, Oils, and, Sweets (eat occasionally, keep in mind this section is unhealthy and at the top of the food pyramid to catch your eye), Milk Group (2 servings a day), Meat Group (2 servings a day), Vegetable Group (3-5 servings a day, now that sounds just about right), Bread & Cereal Group (6 or More servings a day, waaaay too much), I mean just think about that, (occasionally + 2 + 2 + (3 to 5) + (2 to 4) + 6 or more = that's about between 16 to 24 or more servings a day, I might be incorrect). Personally, that right there is racism (white supremacy).

Eating a lot of the fats, oils, sweets, milk group, meat group, bread and cereal group each day like that will definitely cause a stomach ache, headaches, throwing up, and other illnesses. Non-white people should not eat fast foods (hard to break out of), no fats, sweets, oils, milk group, and meat group. It is okay to eat the bread and cereal group every now and then (1 serving, but not every day). The veggie and fruit group eat (3-7 servings a day.) If you're fat (obese) and out of shape, then get exercise, drink lots of water (8 cups, fill up to 8oz each) and eat the vegetable and fruit group. Once you do that, like in three months you’ll look and feel like a healthy person! Blame the white people who practice racism (racists/white supremacists) for making you overweight(obese)!

I am aware of an updated version of the "Food Pyramid". I think most people in this area of the world who eat an unhealthy diet were deceived by the racists (white supremacist) who made the "Food Pyramid" shown on this page.